What is the difference between a personal use and a non-personal use ?
You are free to use my fonts for your family homemade cards or invitations, personal cards, blogs (without advertising), personal scrapbooks, anything with your friends and relatives.
For anything else, you need a licence.
It may be free for non-profit, please ask me.

How much is a licence ?
It depends of the use, if you are a freelancer or a company, the numbers of users, etc...
So, please, contact me.

Some characters are missing in the font.
It depends of the font but sometimes, in the case of fonts made for headlines or big titles, I only create a full uppercase alphabet, numbers and a few common punctuation marks.
If you need more (special accents, for exemple), please ask me. I'll tell you if such an additional work is possible.

For some fonts, alternative uppercase letters comes instead of lowcase letters Why ?
Those fonts are also made for big titles but, in the case of grunge fonts for exemple, using the same letters for double letters (good, speed...) produce an awfull effect.
Please use the uppercase and the lowcase for a better look.

What happens if you catch somebody who's using your font with a commercial purpose but who didn't pay any license?
I set up a very efficient watch service as for the use of my work.
It could cost you 100 times more than my usual fees.
Sorry for that but if you get money with it, my work is not free.